I have been keenly observing birds for many years now, but was able to photograph them properly only after I got a telephoto lens in 2023. Being a grade 12th student, I haven’t had much opportunity to travel out of my city this year. Hence, most of the photographs I have put up here were clicked within my neighborhood, and presents a record of the avian fauna that exists within an urban landscape.

In my city Chandigarh, unlike many other Indian cities, we are lucky to have a lot of greenery which provides a habitat for a wide variety of birds. These photographs are by no means an exhaustive list; these are just the birds that I have seen in my vicinity and I still keep seeing new ones every now and then. Some of the pictures were clicked at nearby Siswan Dam. Over time, I intend to cover all of Chandigarh and also start visiting birding locations.

I would exhort everyone to look out for, and look after these winged wonders to experience the joy exuded by their actions and antics. The presence of these cohabitants amongst us is easy to miss, but a keenness of eye and intent is all that is needed to spot them.